HBOT has been a growing choice of many top actors, actresses, and models, whose skin is constantly in the limelight. Have they found the secret to looking young? Depending on how you define aging, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be the proverbial “fountain of youth.” HBOT promotes cell repair, age spots, saggy skin, wrinkles, poor collagen structure, and skin cell damage by increasing circulation to the most peripheral areas of the body, which is your skin. In a recent study, mice were exposed to UVB rays, known to prematurely age your skin, and when placed in oxygen chambers developed fewer wrinkles and showed fewer signs of tissue damage overall.

At Oxyclinics, we have a vast experience in advanced anti-aging treatments, and a lot of what we offer is not currently being served by any other medical establishment in the area. We offer cutting-edge anti-aging treatments such as stem-cell treatments, gene-scanning,and metabolic reversal therapies., all of which give a highly effective synergistic effect with HBOT.