Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are wounds to the body. HBOT is a treatment for wounds in any location and of any duration. When delivered immediately before a sports performance, HBOT can minimize the effects of injury. When delivered as soon after injury as possible, HBOT acts on the injured tissue to repair the wounds and decrease inflammation. To maximize sports performance and recovery, HBOT is most beneficial immediately after intense workouts in which anaerobic metabolism is incurred (sprinting, intense weight-lifting, speed workouts, etc.) During these types of sports activities, the muscles burn fuel without oxygen and generate toxic byproducts, accumulating what is known as “oxygen debt.” When HBOT is delivered after intense workouts, the oxygen debt is lessened or erased, and the tissues are prepared for the next workout.

At Oxyclinics, we are able to prevent surgeries in certain cases, by using HBOT in combiation with stem cell therapy

therapiy (Dr. Van Meter’s resuscitation of cardiac arrested pigs).